Lettera di padre Amrit - St. Xavier School

Dear Erus sir,

Greetings from St. Xavier’s School, Nepal! I sincerely apologize for not keeping in touch with you. Our academic year 2014-2015 began on April 21, 2014.Since it is the beginning of the academic year, I was quite busy. Mr.Kapil informed me that your Foundation is interested to sponsor four more new students (2 Boys and 2 Girls); it is great news for us. I am sending you
the names of the four new students.

The new students are:

1.      Sakina Maharjan (Girl). She is in class 1. Her mother is a single mother. Her father died when she was very small.

2.      Subana Gautam (Girl. She is studying in class 2. Her family is economically not well. Mr. Kapil knows the family and he too recommended her case.

3.      Ahmed Ramiz Rao (Boy). He is studying in class 3. He is a refugee. His family is from Pakistan. His family converted to Catholicism and his father was arrested by the Government of Pakistan and his mother, elder brother and sister took shelter in Nepal. They do not know the whereabouts of their father; probably he is killed.  St. Xavier’s is educating his brother freely.
4.      Kabi Buda (Boy). He is studying in 4. He is an orphan. He was taken from the street and he does not even remember his father’s and mother’s name. He is good in sports.

The total annual fees of one new student is NRs. 38,400/-. The total fees of four new students for one year is NRs. 38,400/- * 4 = NRs. 153,600/-

The old 8 students are doing well.

1.      Ishika Rai and Mamata Pun are in class 4.

2.      Sittal Khadk and Rujan Shrestha are in class 5.

3.      Kaushiki Shrestha is in class 6.

4.      Dev Yonzon and Pradeep Lama are in class 7.

5.      Bipin Lama is in class 8. Bipin’s surname is corrected, he is now Bipin Tamang.

The total fees of Ishika Rai, Mamata Pun, Sittal Khadk, Rujan Shrestha and Kaushiki Shrestha for one year is NRs. 38,400/- * 5 = NRs.19 2, 000/

The total fees of Dev Yonzon, Pradeep Lama and Bipin Tamang for one year is NRs. 40, 850/- * 3 = NRs.122, 550/

The total fees for 12 (8 old and 4 new) students for one year is NRs. 153,600/-, NRs.192, 000/ and NRs.   122, 550/ will be 468, 150/-

Finally, once again I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your Foundation for your interest in the education of the underprivileged students studying in St. Xavier’s School.

Sarve Bhawontu Sukhina!
Fr. Amrit Rai, S. J.
St. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel
G. P. O. Box 50
Kathmandu, Nepal